The Jeff Hays films have given us valuable insights into the modern Paradigms of science and religion.  With little exception, the movie,  "Bought"  was an outstanding example of a refreshingly truthful presentationThe new movie, "Origins" is attempting to replicate that success, but is covered with varnish.  The varnish, I speak of, is the attempt to eradicate God from our origins and replace Him with a less confrontational figure, which they refer to simply as "nature".  They tiptoe around any mention of a creator and yet do not bring up what evolutionists contend as fact...that is that all matter and life arise from a primordial soup, without origin. (See that discussion) By denying the existence of God, the creator, they undermine their case for reproduction of all species. The incredible design of the cosmos demands a designer.  While it is true that we have gone a long way down the road of self-destruction, it is the arrogant denial of our true origin that put us on that path, not forgetting our caveman roots. The Bible tells us clearly that our ancestry can be traced back to the descendants of Adam, Eve and Noah. Some people might be surprised to learn that science is in full support of that fact.

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