Many people use hypotheticals as if they are fact. A hypothetical is always conditional and can never be a basis for reaching conclusions, mainly because it is easily falsified. While it may on the surface, have a sound appearance, in the absence of  numerous tests, some of which are not possible, it cannot be supported. 

A good example of such falsification is commonly used by geologists. It is Radiometric Dating. There are so many conclusions reached on the basis of this falsified hypothesis that no one can truly call it science. Such conclusions are the result of blind faith. It does not even approach the threshold of theory.

A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. Therefore, theories can be disproven. Basically, if evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, then the hypothesis can become accepted as a good explanation of a phenomenon. One definition of a theory is to say it's an accepted hypothesis. Many theories have been developed about events that occurred in the past. They have come to be accepted as fact, not on the basis of observation or testing but by fiat of the scientific community.

Science has been taken captive today by the elites of the academic, bureaucratic and scientific communities. Their tenants are manipulated to deceive and control the masses. How could this have happened?  There is no peer review, so research is rarely challenged. If you don't want to lose your funding, you had better tow the line.

 Climate change is a good example. Statistical manipulation is commonplace in their arguments. The testing of hypothesis includes historical records and projections, but if the model you are testing is not always supported by these, conclusions have to be questioned. You don't just throw out the data that doesn't support your hypothesis. Testing of hypothesis should also narrow the range of probability, not broaden it.  If testing does not improve probability, it is failing to verify postulated results. Today, we see nearly every natural phenomenon blamed on climate change. Correlation of any kind is considered proof of it's validity. While no scientist would say because some people are carrying umbrellas, it must be raining; in principle that is what we are witnessing in the media.  Since news outlets use one another's reporting, it is repeated in so many outlets, it is widely accepted as incontrovertible. (like the 97% of scientists that supposedly believe climate change is man caused)  So our schools are teaching it to  our children and you better not question it or you will be labeled "anti-science" or "climate change deniers"  (horrors!)

The tendency for science professionals to cherry pick the data is growing proportionate to the propensity of researchers and corporate support of researchers to provide data, making products appear to have greater efficacy. Collusion has taken the front seat when huge profits are to be made. Governmental organizations like the FDA routinely accept laboratory results form the corporation marketing the product tested. There is no independent testing, so the FDA becomes the propaganda and marketing arm of the corporation.  Conflict of interest is now a non-entity.

The atmosphere of dishonesty that permeates modern culture is not restricted to secular endeavors.  It stems from the top down...from a president that is a habitual liar  to an electorate that does not expect accountability or any measure of respectability above their own. Churches pop up all over the place teaching and preaching human doctrine. No one says "You are perpetrating lies" That might make someone uncomfortable.  So as young people look around them for honor and dignity, it is nonexistent.  Is it any wonder more and more of young people today are disillusioned?  They look desperately for someone to look up to, but find no one.  Even the examples of Jesus have been tainted by what appears to be a cacophony of varying teachings about Him.  They get a phony sense of sincerity when hypocrisy is apparent to them. They assume that no one speaks truth, so science has the loudest voice and they capitulate to become blind adherents to what they don't understand.

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