Everything in life has a pattern, a blueprint made without hands and it is a good thing. It provides predictability, which allows us to keep time and maintain schedules, plan even to send a man into space and bring him back alive. It brings us the seasons, the sunrise, the sunset and the rains which nourish the soil, yielding it's fruits.

In man and animal, it is the genetic code with it's DNA index. The essence of life, is mysterious because it is known only by God, (Psalm 139) but it reigns at His behest, regardless of how men, in their ignorance, try to explain it away. The patterns of life are seen even in it's rarities.

When God said "Let there be light", the majestic frequency of life began. Light is composed of both electric and magnetic fields. (electromagnetic radiation). Frequencies are measured as wavelengths. All matter consists of atoms that vibrate at the frequency of it's constituent elements. When a visible wavelength strikes a substance, energy is emitted in the form of light particles called photons, which our eyes detect as color. All of the characteristics of light make possible it's numerous applications such as visual identification, radio and television, the invisible frequencies on the spectrum of light, such as X-rays, microscopes, telescopes, eyeglasses and so on. The functions of light are mostly theoretical, because no single explanation satisfies all it's observable traits. For example, a person viewing a distant galaxy, say 200 million light years away, could be said to be viewing photons 200 million years old, but it could also be said that  a photon, that has no mass, exists for zero time, and therefore does not exist at all. Such is the state of scientific inquiry regarding light. Light theory is based on our ability to measure it's variety of compositions and effects. If there was no pattern of behavior to study, none of it's amazing uses could be developed or even theories of it's nature postulated.

Though light is integral to all of God's creation, it is only a small part of creation. Notice God's first communication reduced to writing..."In the beginning". This simple preposition chronicles the creation of time. We think of time in relation to matter, because we understand the composition of all matter to consist of atoms in motion. Motion would require movement from point A to point B minimally. Of course that would require time. Yet the existence of time is not quantifiable. We can think of time only with relation to deterioration. In that sense it is linear, because the 2nd Law of thermodynamics says all matter increases in entropy. That is it becomes less and less complex...to what end? The first law of thermodynamics says energy is neither created or destroyed, so as matter deteriorates the energy released changes form. That can hardly be described as linear in time. So what we see in the cosmos is a maintenance of all that exists by the hands of our creator. We might think of this as a minimalist pattern, but when you consider that all of creation is in multidirectional motion, there is hardly anything minimal about it. All we know about time comes from the lawgiver; God. He told us about the beginning and describes an end to the material world.  Time, matter, space, energy and their synergies are supported by the pattern of life, but only as long as God allows it. 

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